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ABC Programs of Study

  • Associate of Theology

  • Bachelor of Theology

  • Proficiencies

  • Master of Theology

Associate of Theology:

This is a two-year program of study; 64 semester hours.
English I 3
English II 3
World History I 2
World History II 2
Music I 2
Music II 2
Book Analysis (Bible) 20
Systematic Theology 8
Electives 12
General Electives 10

Bachelor of Theology:

This is a four-year program of study designed to prepare pastors, missionaries, and other individuals for "full-time" Christian Service.
Required Associate of Theology 64
Homiletics I
Homiletics II 2
US History 2
Comparative Philosophy 2
Introduction to Christian Education 2
Bible Electives 28
Proficiency 24


Biblical Studies: A general Bible degree for men and women.
Pastoral Studies: A Bible degree with emphasis upon the responsibilities and needs of a pastor.
Youth Ministry: A Bible degree designed to prepare one for full-time service with emphasis upon both working with youth in the youth in the local church setting and serving as the "second" man in the pastorate.
Evangelism: A Bible degree designed to prepare one for the Biblical role of evangelist by stressing not only the work of evangelism but also the importance of working with the through the local church.
Missions: A Bible degree designed to specifically prepare one for work in the ministry as a foreign or home missionary.
Music Ministry: A Bible degree designed to prepare one for full-time service with emphasis upon working with music in the local church setting and serving as the muic director in the pastorate.
Elementary Christian Education: A Bible degree designed to prepare one for full-time service teaching in a Christian school.   NOTE: This proficiency will not meet state approval for teaching in public education.

Master of Theology:

This program is currently under consideration and will be comprised primarily of individual-oriented study.

ABC Admissions

Since the express purpose of Atlanta Baptist College is to train Christians of all ages for service in the Lord's work, it is expected that those who seek admission manifest evidence of good character, a dedication to purpose, a willingness to learn, and a sincere desire to know the will of God. Such demands the utmost in personal discipline of the Christian life as related to the Word of God. Attendance at Atlanta Baptist College should be considered a privilege and not a right--privilege that may be forfeited at any time that the administration feels that the student is not in harmony with the college. When the student makes application, he agrees to abide by the rules and standards of dress and conduct of the college. It is strongly recommended that those making application for their freshman year take the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and have the results forwarded to the Office of Admissions. All qualified applicants will be accepted without regard to race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin. Note: Any student wishing to submit a request for life experience credit should inquire concerning guidelines at the time of application to the College. 

Procedure for Admissions

1. Request application ( Must have Adobe Reader to print online forms).

Application for Admissions Form
Pastor's Recommendation Form
Reference for Prospective Student Form

2. Complete application, making certain that all-necessary information is provided.
3. Return completed application along with $25.00 application fee (nonrefundable)
4. Provide addressed, stamped envelopes for each of your recommendations in case they are needed. Address envelopes to:
5. Request all transcripts, high school and any other institutions of higher learning, which you have attended. All official transcripts are to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions, Atlanta Baptist College.

When you write your autobiographical sketch for the application, please include information about your family; your home and church life; and your work, if you are employed. Include the time and circumstances regarding your salvation experience. State your goals and purposes in life and state how you believe that Atlanta Baptist College can help you to fulfill these objectives. If you are a transfer students, be sure to indicate your reason(s) for transferring.
    Office of Admissions  Atlanta Baptist College P.O. Box 352  Stockbridge, GA 30281

If you do not currently have Adobe Reader Download Here:


ABC Purpose and Philosophy

Atlanta Baptist College came to fruition as a result of a growing conviction that spiritually and geographically a real need existed for fundamental Bible education in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The congregation of the Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Stockbridge, Georgia has been used of the Lord to meet this need.

The purpose of this institution is to provide quality, low-cost education for those who desire to work in a church ministry or to simply increase their knowledge of the Bible. The programs offered are designed to meet the needs of students seeking positions in the ministry or to better equip themselves to serve in the local church. In addition to a program designed for the normal full-time student, this institution desires to specifically meet the needs of the married and employed student.

The philosophy of ABC is based upon the Scriptural emphasis of the local church. We believe that the plan for training those called to the Gospel ministry which is nearest to that of the New Testament is that to this end that ABC seeks to provide the academic training in the classroom, while allowing the student to receive his practical training in the ministry in his own local church. We desire simply to assist our fundamental independent Baptist churches in the Atlanta area in achieving this goal.

While this institution readily accepts any born-again Christian on a non-discriminatory basis, all students must willingly comply with school policies. Furthermore, it must be realized that the same in philosophy of the chartering church, namely that of the historic fundamental Baptist position as stated in the doctrinal section. The King James Version of the Bible shall be the exclusively used text in all English Bible courses and the textus receptus in any Greek usage. A more complete explanation of this policy is available upon request.

ABC Statement of Faith

We believe in the verbal inspiration and authority of the Scriptures.

We believe that the Bible reveals God, the fall of man, the way of salvation, and God's planned purpose in the ages.

We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that salvation is "by grace" plus nothing and minus nothing. The conditions to salvation are repentance and faith.

We believe that men are justified by faith alone and are accounted righteous before God only through the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We believe in the visible, personal, and premillennial return of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the everlasting conscious blessedness of the saved and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost.

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